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Celebrating Record Store Day

Tall Bird Records Chesterfield

Record Store Day will be 20 years old this year and no doubt the musical landscape has changed since its inception. The new digital kids on the block: downloads and streaming were supposed to signal the end of traditional music formats. CD’s and tapes may be struggling or gone but vinyl records have been one […]

New Shimmering Metallic Candle Collection from Village Candle

Rosette Berry Village Candle

Wishes is really excited about a new range of candles coming soon to the shop from Village Candle. We’re big fans of this amazing brand and are proud to be an official Village Candle stockists. For all your candles and cards don’t forget to visit our independent shop here in Cudworth, Barnsley. We even have […]

6 Ways Gift Shops Can Use Online Marketing to Boost Sales in 2018

Top Ten Greeting Cards 2017

Charlotte Biggs from the Card & Gift Network looks at 6 ways gift shops can use online marketing to boost sales in 2018… Just before the festive shopping rush I completed a year long research project into how greetings card & gift businesses promote themselves online. Amongst the companies I reviewed were over 300 retailers. […]

Engage Not Outrage – How Social Media Can Go Wrong

Chris Fox from Wishes of Cudworth looks at the issues with promoting your shop on social media and how it can go wrong. Here’s Chris… This latest article “Engage Not Outrage” is a little different from my normal column’s happy smiley philosophy. Maybe it’s the uncertain political landscape, the rise of the right wing across the world or it could […]

Beyond Facebook & Twitter: Be Brave With Your Digital Marketing

In our latest digital marketing and social media promotional guide, Chris Fox from greeting card and gift shop Wishes of Cudworth shares his retail insights into looking beyond Facebook, Twitter and Instagram when it comes to marketing your own business. Master Yoda A wise Jedi master once said; “Do or do not, there is no try”. […]

5 Great Tips To Improve Your Shop – Retail Advice

The dust has now settled on this year’s Spring Fair, with cards packed away, gifts sold to their new gift shop homes and the last remaining lost visitors finally found in the many vast, sprawling halls. This post is the based on the feedback and excited questions I was asked as part of my seminar programme. My name […]

Gothic Gift Guide

“It’s said goths have the lowest life satisfaction levels of any subculture with the exception of traffic wardens. That’s why you don’t see any goth traffic wardens. That would be a deadly combination.” Yes, I’m quoting/ripping of the IT Crown and their Goth2Boss promotional video. The reality is most goths are rather cheerful, good natured […]

5 Spring Fair Gift & Home Show Survival Tips

It’s nearly time for the Spring Fair, the UK’S No.1 trade show for the gift, greeting card and home suppliers plus buyers. On the 5-9 FEBRUARY 2017 some 60,000 visitors will be rushing through the doors of Birmingham NEC to join the party (it is a celebration after all, of all things wonderful in the […]

Is Twitter Really Useful When Promoting Your Small Business?

What can you really say with 140 characters? Is Twitter really useful when it comes to promoting your business? Will this article be just a series of questions without any answers? Well no, that’s the answer to question number three, the other two we’re going to attempt to get to the bottom of with as […]

Working With Suppliers, Community Groups & Blogs To Expand Your Reach

This article was originally published in Greetings Today Magazine by Chris Fox from the greeting card and gift shop Wishes of Cudworth. It can be lonely being an independent shop owner. It’s hard not to feel isolated and worry that you’re not doing everything you can to promote your shop. As I write this the […]