Scents & Memories by Village Candle

Ever unexpectedly found a scent that took you back to an almost lost memory buried deep within your mind?

Freshly cut grass that snaps you back in time. Remembering the day you held hands with the girl that became your wife. Sat together on a lush green hill overlooking the village you left but still holds a small part of your soul. The cool summer breeze on your face and the fragrance of the clover field.

Your Grandma’s house. Warm Apple Pie. Waiting as a child for that Sunday afternoon treat. Your mouth watering even now. You can taste and feel it. The sensation of home. To be loved and comforted. Forever a grubby, mischievous five year old.

Different season’s each have there own scents too. Just think of Christmas and it’s not only turkey, gifts, reindeer, fat men with white beards/red suits and Only Fools & Horses. Christmas is a sense explosion. A vibrant mixture of colours, favours and fragrances.

Travel with me to this years upcoming winter and let’s see what we can discover. Don’t forget to wrap up warm. Scarf and mittens on? If your ready lets go!
Wow, can you smell it?
Frosty evergreen garland, white cedar wood, orange & cinnamon, fresh pine and Christmas tree fir…
Breath deeper, what else? Logs burning on an open fire. Sweet caramel and brown sugar.
Are you there with me? Now let’s get settled by that fire and have a nice glass of mulled wine.

All these moments lost to yesterday that flood back with unexpected joy. The power of a great fragrance. A romanticised view of the world ? Maybe but that’s the kind of world I want to live in.

This is the joy of candles. To fill your heart and home with beautiful scents. We here at Wishes, love Village Candle. There’s a candle for every room and mood. Be it Coffee Bean or Lemon Pound Cake for the kitchen. Powder Fresh or Pure Linen for the bedroom. Rain or Rio Carnival for the bathroom. You’ll have your own personal favourites. The pleasure of discovering a new one is an adventure.

One of my friend’s favourite candles is the Village Candle Cherry Blossom. It reminds him of a magical springtime holiday in Japan. When he visited Japan, the country’s iconic Sakura (cherry blossoms) captured his heart with their beautiful pink flowers. Every time he lights his candle, he is transported back to that very special place. He loves the scent and agrees with Village Candle’s description: “Soft delicate, yet bold. Femininely floral, yet fruity.  This enticing fragrance is a fabulous tribute to the amazing and showy Cherry Blossomin full bloom”. For him the scent is deeply personal. It never fails to lift his mood. Be it the bad day at the office, the terrible English weather or the little problems each day throws at us, he’ll always have Japan and his candle to take him back there once more.

My own personal favourite?
It’s got to be the Just For You. It reminds me of father’s rose garden. A little piece of heaven. Forever home back in Yorkshire and in father’s arms.

What’s your favourite?
What does your Village Candle remind you of?
A loved one, a holiday, a memory?
Light a candle soon and drift away, even just for a moment.

We always have a wide range of Village Candle scents in store and on our website Just in, Christmas scents including the beautiful Sugarplum fairy. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you in the shop soon. Wishes is a greeting card and gift shop in Cudworth, Barnsley.

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