The Last Gary

Who knows a Gary?

Maybe one of your mates, Uncle or Father bears the traditional name. Perhaps you instantly think of ‘Lineker’, ‘Oldman’, ‘Barlow’ or ‘Neville’. If you’re of a certain age you might remember the episode of Only Fools and Horse “Strangers on the Shore” from 2002 staring “Gary”, the ‘kidnapped’ son of a French millionaire. Everyone knows a Gary but that might soon becoming to an end.

It’s desperate times for the once popular Gary who has now officially been placed on the endangered species list with a mere 28 born in England and Wales in 2015. We must take action now to save this once flourishing breed (ok enough of the David Attenborough metaphors). The lack of Garys is a great example of how names and trends change which each decade. The influence of popular culture on the names we bestowal upon our offspring. Be it your favourite pop singer, actor or even reality TV ‘star’. Some of the more unique celebrity baby names include: Kal-El (Nicolas Cage), Fifi Trixibelle (Bob Geldof and Paula Yates) and Apple (Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin). Whilst we’re not sure Apple will catch on, parents are now more willing than ever to choose an adventuress name.

The most popular names this year so far for are:
Girls: 1. Isla, 2. Amelia, 3. Ava, 4. Freya, 5. Evie.
Boys: 1. Alfie (my Nephews’ name), 2. Oscar, 3. Teddy, 4. Harry. 5. Jack.
A good mix of contemporary and traditional names (Teddy being a particular surprise for myself. What stands out for you?).

At Wishes we have a lovely range candle votive holders from History & Heraldry. As well as being great value, the most positive reactions come when a customer spots a loved one’s name. The votive holders are all traditional female names (no Apple I’m afraid). They do however raise the age-old problem: the cries of anguish when the customer screams, “They don’t have my name”. It’s a problem I’ve never really faced myself as a boring Chris (well Christopher if I’ve been naughty). Still without a wall of votive holders we could never have every possible names. Plus add in the different spellings that pop up, it really is an impossible task. The range covers this by offering designs such as ‘New Home’ and ‘I Love You’ with a cheeky ‘They didn’t have your name” really rubbing it in. They do really well at the shop, especially at Christmas when they make a wonderful little gift.

Other option available at Wishes is our new personalised card and gift service. We can now print mugs, frames, cushions, iPhone covers, cards and more all in the shop with your photos plus choice of words. No longer will ‘Tate”, “Zane”, “Maisie”, “Sierra”, “Daphne”, and “Warren” be left out. No matter the name, we can now make you a bespoke card and gift. Hopefully we’ll even get a Gary or two in the shop too #savegary.

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