Spreading Happiness By Sending Cards

Did you see our recent Thinking of You Week window display?

Now in its third year, Thinking of You Week (26 Sept – 2 Oct) inspires people to create a wave of love, caring and happiness by sending a card to a different person each day during this special week. Sending cards generates positive feelings and wellbeing. Science has shown that receiving a handwritten card is far more personal, creates a lovely warm positive boost and makes people feel far more special than receiving texts, emails or social media messages.

At Wishes we had our special shop window and discounts on selected cards. We really believe in the message and feel that ‘real’ cards have a place in this increasing digital world. There’s nothing better than visiting your local, independent shop and taking your time to browse. To soak in the atmosphere that seems to be increasing lost in the larger department stores. For indies like us, its a real labor of love with each shop owner putting their every part of their soul making sure every customers leaves happy. Just knowing that the right card can brighten the receivers day can’t help but make us have a big goofy smile.

To read more about this wonderful event please visit: www.thinkingofyouweek.cards

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