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Every Gift Shop Needs a Marketing Plan

Wishes of Cudworth Morther's Day

Charlotte Biggs from the Card & Gift Network has a confession to make: She’s a big fan of marketing plans. And it’s not just because Charlotte likes making lists (although that helps). No, Charlotte “likes marketing plans because they save you time”.  Featuring 7 key points explaining why every gift shop needs a marketing plan, lets hand […]

7 Clever Ways Waterstones Has Reinvented Itself

Not long ago the future of Waterstones was being questioned. Wicked whispers said it wouldn’t be long before it joined the likes of Woolworths, Blockbuster and BHS in the retail wasteland. Another once mighty chain, failing to adapt to the changes in consumer spending habits. The story of Waterstones would finish with tragedy rather than a […]

6 Ways Gift Shops Can Use Online Marketing to Boost Sales in 2018

Top Ten Greeting Cards 2017

Charlotte Biggs from the Card & Gift Network looks at 6 ways gift shops can use online marketing to boost sales in 2018… Just before the festive shopping rush I completed a year long research project into how greetings card & gift businesses promote themselves online. Amongst the companies I reviewed were over 300 retailers. […]

The Science of Retail Store Layouts and Design 

Small Shop Tips

Retail stores have come a long way from when Harry Selfridge pioneered the storefront display window in the early 20th century. Today, stores do more than lure people inside, they keep them in. It is quite like The Eagles’ song, “Hotel California”.   It is hard to discuss store layout designs without referencing IKEA’s legendary maze-like floor plan. With each unsuspecting […]

Photography Tips With Richard Jackson

Greeting Card Photography by Richard Jackson

Richard Jackson is a product and still life photographer based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Working with artists, designers and craftspeople Richard creates photography with design at its heart. Exploring the ideas and styles behind his clients work to produce images that really tell a story. He chooses props, carefully crafts the lighting, select surfaces, and backdrops to […]

Cool by Association – The Power of Business & Community Associations

Cudworth Doodle Map

The Internet is a wonderful tool but can be scary if you don’t know how to make the best use of it. In today’s blog post Chris Fox the digital media manager of Wishes of Cudworth looks at how joining a business or community association can benefit your shop. This article was originally published in […]

How To Keep Your Shop’s Online Marketing Local

The Internet is a wonderful tool but can be scary if you don’t know how to make the best use of it. In today’s blog post retailer Chris Fox, from Wishes Of Cudworth looks at how to keep your shop’s online marketing local. This article was originally published in Greetings Today Magazine. Facebook & Your Community Sometimes it’s […]

Skylight Media – Designing & Building Beautiful Websites

During the last fourteen years in business, Skylight Media have been working with Greeting Card publishers and Giftware companies, designing and building beautiful and powerful websites for them. This has given us great insight and experience of the market so we’re now ready to offer our services to the UK Gift Shop community. Our ability […]

Tips for Growing an Online Business

Growing an online business can be a tricky. As the director of e-commerce for a small business, I’ve had plenty of experience with establishing and growing an online brand in what is a highly competitive marketplace. Here’s my top tips for growing an online business: Research SEO Online success doesn’t happen overnight. Most digital marketing investments […]

10 Great Ways To Use Facebook Posts To Promote Your Shop

Retailer Wishes of Cudworth from Barnsley give us their 10 great ways to use Facebook posts to promote your shop. Julia Keeling runs Wishes with a little help from her partner Chris Fox, who manages their Facebook business page. Wishes use Facebook posts daily to promote their independent shop. From making their staff the stars or putting […]