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A Day In The Life Of A Market Trader

A few years back the snow came. A sparkling blanket covered the land, a few feet deep meaning it was impossible to drive. Not to be defeated I defiantly put on my wellies and braved the white wasteland to walk to work. Wearing as many layers as possible, it was slow progress as I trudged […]

Should Independent Shops Have a Black Friday Sale?

Black Friday is a scary name when you think about it. In the US the name was given to the shopping day after Thanksgiving due to the fact that so many people went out to shop that it caused traffic accidents and sometimes even near riots as people desperately tried to pick up that extra […]

Create Don’t Imitate – Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal

Pablo Picasso is credited with saying “All art is theft” and “Good artists copy, Great artists steal”. This can be interpreted as: Even if a person is not the first to do something, if they do it exceptionally well, then they become the one you think of when you see that style. You could ague […]