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5 Things You Should Do Before You Get A Website

“Do you have a website?” It’s a question most small businesses will have heard at some point, often followed by a disapproving tutting if the answer is “No”. Before you quickly google ‘website designer’ I think its always worth considering what your goals are. Website design is ever changing. 20 years ago most companies would […]

An Introduction To Promoting Your Business Online

We live in an increasing digital world. To be social is to tap away on your ipad, like your friend’s photo and tweet your latest meal. As I write this article Pokemon Go mania continues to grip the nation. People missing buses and searching high and low for virtual monsters on their phones. Pokemon has […]

The Art of Blogging Part 1

I think I may be a frustrated writer. That deep inside of me there’s a novel trying to claw it’s way out (A zombie cop buddy novel to be more precise). Therefore blogging gives me a creative outlet and is something I enjoy. Still blogging is well known to play an important part in your business’s SEO […]