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Working With Suppliers, Community Groups & Blogs To Expand Your Reach

This article was originally published in Greetings Today Magazine by Chris Fox from the greeting card and gift shop Wishes of Cudworth. It can be lonely being an independent shop owner. It’s hard not to feel isolated and worry that you’re not doing everything you can to promote your shop. As I write this the […]

Working with Bloggers with Jennie Emma

Gift shop Hub first found today’s featured star Jennie Emma whilst looking some bath bomb photos for an article on one of our supplier spotlights. Impressed by one particular image we couldn’t but explore a little more and found the quality of the blog more than matched the photo. We reached out and asked Jennie for […]

How To Choose The Correct Tone & Content For Your Blog

I recently knocked out an article for a popular humour blog, mainly to get it out of my system and with no expectation it will ever see the light of day. The likely hood it will ever get published is the same as Donald Trump winning the presidential election (Editor’s Note: This article was drafted […]

How To Promote Your Business Online Whilst Still Running Your Shop

Gift Shop Hub team member and Wishes of Cudworth retailer spoke at the NEC Autumn Fair earlier this year. Here’s the video of his presentation: ‘How to promote your business online whilst still running your shop’. [td_block_video_youtube playlist_title=”Wishes of Cudworth at The Autumn Fair” playlist_yt=”R6VkZ64EUI0,” playlist_auto_play=”0″]

How To Target Facebook Customers

Some readers may be familiar with the name Chad Hogan, a supposedly fictitious character made up by Glaswegian comedian Kevin Bridges, who invented him as being the ultimate American party organiser. As it turned out, the Utah-based real Chad Hogan noticed his Facebook page suddenly started to receive lots of attention and hundreds of friend requests a day from Scotland. […]

Do Facebook Page Likes Really help Your Business?

Recently due to a strange glitch our shop’s Facebook page temporarily stopped display the total number of likes it had received. Initially annoyed by this ‘theft’, it got me thinking. Do ‘Likes’ actually matter? It’s always been some of a yardstick for us at Wishes of Cudworth. For myself it had even turned in a […]

How To Use Facebook, Instagram & Twitter To Promote Your Business

Are you a Facebook addict or do you think it’s a waste of time? Forget the 10 O’Clock News, if we want to know what’s happening in the world, social media is now the first place we now look – it’s become part of our everyday lives so we should ensure it’s part of businesses too or we risk losing […]

How To Set Up A Facebook Advert

The page has easy-to follow instructions on how to set up your page in the first place. You need to have a personal Facebook page from which you then set up a linked but separate page for your business, which is where you set up your advert. Facebook alerts you when it’s a friend’s birthday and reminds you of friends with […]

Quick Facebook Business Page Tips – Part 1

As part of a ongoing series of articles we’ll be posting tips and tricks on how best to use social media to engage with your customers and promote your business online. First up is a small collection of unusual Facebook tricks that can give your page a quick and easy boost: Pin important posts to […]