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Ghostsigns – A Gift Shop Hub Interview

Gift Hub Hub was lucky to get an interview with Sam Roberts about his amazing project ‘Ghostsigns’. After hearing Sam on Radio 2 we reached out and was delighted he agreed to feature on our blog. Ghostsigns are the typically fading remains of painted advertising on walls. Through a variety of projects, including research, publishing, […]

A Day In The Life Of A Market Trader

A few years back the snow came. A sparkling blanket covered the land, a few feet deep meaning it was impossible to drive. Not to be defeated I defiantly put on my wellies and braved the white wasteland to walk to work. Wearing as many layers as possible, it was slow progress as I trudged […]

Should Independent Shops Have a Black Friday Sale?

Black Friday is a scary name when you think about it. In the US the name was given to the shopping day after Thanksgiving due to the fact that so many people went out to shop that it caused traffic accidents and sometimes even near riots as people desperately tried to pick up that extra […]

How To Choose The Correct Tone & Content For Your Blog

I recently knocked out an article for a popular humour blog, mainly to get it out of my system and with no expectation it will ever see the light of day. The likely hood it will ever get published is the same as Donald Trump winning the presidential election (Editor’s Note: This article was drafted […]

Georgia Perry – Kayne West Pin Badge

How do you write a 500-word review about a pin badge? 
Well it’s easy when you find something as fun as the wonderful pins by Georgia Perry. I first found her quirky designs whilst looking for a Prince related gift last year. My partner Jools was the biggest fan of the Purple One and was […]

Wendy Carlton – Gift Shop Hub Artist Spotlight

This weeks artist spotlight is on Wendy Carlton. Tell us a little about yourself: I’ve been an artist all my working life (35 yrs) based in Sheffield (Dore) on the edge of the Derbyshire countryside. I paint large, bold,colourful canvases taking my inspiration from nature and have a passion for striking colour combinations. I’m always […]