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Just A Card – Supporting Independent Shops, Galleries, Designers & Makers

The Just A Card campaign aims to encourage people to support independent shops, galleries and designer/makers. Gift Shop Hub is big fan and was lucky to speak with artist/designer Sarah Hamilton and textile designer/blogger Kate Marsden. Just A Card Tell us about your campaign… Ultimately, we hope that by recognising our distinctive logo, people will be prompted to think again […]

Beyond Facebook & Twitter: Be Brave With Your Digital Marketing

In our latest digital marketing and social media promotional guide, Chris Fox from greeting card and gift shop Wishes of Cudworth shares his retail insights into looking beyond Facebook, Twitter and Instagram when it comes to marketing your own business. Master Yoda A wise Jedi master once said; “Do or do not, there is no try”. […]

Blue Eyed Sun – Gorgeous Handmade Greeting cards

Blue Eyed Sun is a British greeting card publisher specialising in gorgeous handmade greeting cards for design-led shops. Based in East Sussex, their amazing team operate out of recently acquired and refurbished workshops in Burgess Hill. They also have a sister brand called Ivy Ellen, which creates beautiful wedding stationery for brides and grooms. How did you […]

Seedballs – Eco Friendly Gift Of The Year Winners

Today’s spotlight is North London’s Seedball. What are seedballs you ask? Well they’re small balls made from a mix of seed, clay, compost and chili powder. The idea is to protect the seeds as much as possible from being eaten by birds and insects and increase the chance of the seeds growing. Most of the seedballs are […]

10 Great Tips For Small Businesses By Business Owners

One of the things that separates Gift Shop Hub from similar blogs is that we’re run by retailers. Our articles are often wrote by gift shop and small business owners, which means our tips have been tested in the ‘real world’. Small businesses often work with little or no budget, with the owners putting in extra hours, […]

5 Great Tips To Improve Your Shop – Retail Advice

The dust has now settled on this year’s Spring Fair, with cards packed away, gifts sold to their new gift shop homes and the last remaining lost visitors finally found in the many vast, sprawling halls. This post is the based on the feedback and excited questions I was asked as part of my seminar programme. My name […]

C&E Designs – Handmade, Bespoke Papercraft Creations

C&E Designs are a small business based in Lancashire, UK who hand make items from paper. Gift Shop hub spoke to owner Emma Cottam about her new venture, she set up in January 2016. How did you start out? C&E Designs all began with my own Wedding in July 2015. For the two years before that Mr […]

Domo Kun – From Meme To Mainstream

Imagine if you will a meeting room full of highly successful, respected and influential retail buyers. They’re beginning to regret allowing you into the room before you’ve even had the chance to give them your sales pitch. All have the same look on their faces and it’s not a good one; a mixture of horror and […]

Spring Fair Highlights – A Giddy Show Of Two Halves

SPRING FAIR was very much a show of two halves for me this year as I was juggling being part of the seminar programme with our retail buying. This is the first part of my Spring Fair highlights, so first let me introduce myself: my name is Chris Fox and I work for Wishes of Cudworth […]

Pura Cosmetics – A Yorkshire-based Cosmetics Company

Today’s spotlight is on Pura Cosmetics – a Yorkshire-based cosmetics company which thrives on an ethos of using the ‘purest’ natural ingredients, alongside being cruelty free. Their gently-exfoliating lip scrubs and heavenly moisturising lip balms come together to form the ideal lip care routine for pouts everywhere. They enable you to give your lips a […]