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Tea For Two, For Me For You… Cards & Gifts Celebrating Teatime

Hello Gift Shop Hub! This is Sai from The Taste Buds, bringing you a little bit of teatime mischief for a change. As it’s National Cream Tea Day today (30 June), let’s look at cards and gifts celebrating teatime. Go on, grab a cuppa and have a nice little sit down with me. At The […]

Cudworth Bunny Trail – A Shop Local Event

Chris Fox from Wishes of Cudworth tells us why he’s excited about the Cudworth Bunny Trail. Art and Shopping trails are a great way to promote your village/town/city as a whole. To encourage your customers to explore your high street and visit shops they’ve never been to before. There are two secrets I must share […]

Gifts For A Girl – A Gift Shop Hub Interview

Gifts For A Girl features a hand picked collection of high quality, stylish and heirloom gifts for girls aged 0–13 years. 10% of profits go to charities and projects that rescue and care for abandoned children. They are based in Yorkshire. Gift Shop Hub was lucky to get an interview and behind the scenes peek at […]

Use Common Sense – How Social Media Can Go Wrong Part 2

At the time of writing this, it’s another week when technology news hits the headlines again with Google, Whatsapp and websites all raising controversial discussion. Google found themselves having to apologise after a series of companies withdrew their ads when it emerged they were being displayed alongside hate videos and other inappropriate content, so the […]

Davora – Specialist Greeting Card Publisher

Davora is a specialist greeting card publisher with a focus on niche ethnic and so-called minor season occasions. Their ranges cover Eid, Diwali, Jewish New Year, Hanukkah, Jewish occasions, Chinese New Year, Christian cards, Saint Days and many more! Based in Stockport, Cheshire. How did you start out? By accident! In my previous life I was […]

Engage Not Outrage – How Social Media Can Go Wrong

Chris Fox from Wishes of Cudworth looks at the issues with promoting your shop on social media and how it can go wrong. Here’s Chris… This latest article “Engage Not Outrage” is a little different from my normal column’s happy smiley philosophy. Maybe it’s the uncertain political landscape, the rise of the right wing across the world or it could […]

Sweet Design Studio – Contemporary Ethnic Greeting Cards

Sweet Design Studio is a contemporary ethnic greeting cards and gift brand that celebrates women through their body shape, race, culture and passion. Gift Shop Hub spoke to Founder/Designer Ese Akpojotor about this exciting range of cards. Hi Ese, Tell us a little about you or your company… I am the founder and designer of Sweet Design […]

Tiana Jewel – Power Healing Crystal Jewellery

Tiana Jewel is a bohemian inspired jewellery brand designing power healing crystal pieces, based in London, UK. Each crystal is handpicked for its raw beauty and its unique healing properties. Crystals are our intimate passion, enabling us to tune into the wisdom and spirituality of the universe. Timeless pieces that will never go out of […]

10 Great Twitter Accounts You Must Follow

Twitter is one of the best social networking sites out there. Especially for independent shops and small businesses. It’s a great way to quickly swap ideas and discover amazing retail inspiration. There’s numerous Twitter Hours run by the accounts below which create a joyous wave of retweets and friendly advice. We love a good Tweet so […]