Monthly Archives: February 2017

Domo Kun – From Meme To Mainstream

Imagine if you will a meeting room full of highly successful, respected and influential retail buyers. They’re beginning to regret allowing you into the room before you’ve even had the chance to give them your sales pitch. All have the same look on their faces and it’s not a good one; a mixture of horror and […]

Spring Fair Highlights – A Giddy Show Of Two Halves

SPRING FAIR was very much a show of two halves for me this year as I was juggling being part of the seminar programme with our retail buying. This is the first part of my Spring Fair highlights, so first let me introduce myself: my name is Chris Fox and I work for Wishes of Cudworth […]

Pura Cosmetics – A Yorkshire-based Cosmetics Company

Today’s spotlight is on Pura Cosmetics – a Yorkshire-based cosmetics company which thrives on an ethos of using the ‘purest’ natural ingredients, alongside being cruelty free. Their gently-exfoliating lip scrubs and heavenly moisturising lip balms come together to form the ideal lip care routine for pouts everywhere. They enable you to give your lips a […]

Indie Chesterfield – Vinyl, VHS & Videogames

This article begins with me as a teenager meeting a man in a video van. No he didn’t kidnap me and force me to watch Short Circuit till I rented it for the weekend. He didn’t have to… I was willing accomplice in his crimes against celluloid. There’s no doubt that thirteen year old me […]

5 Tips For Finding The Right Business Premises

For a retailer to survive on the high street is no mean feat, while e-commerce figures continue to soar, high street sales suffer. The Office for National Statistics found December 2016’s high street retail figures slumped to their biggest decline in more than four years, while online sales rose 21.3%. For those entrepreneurs opting to […]

Innabox – Cute & Quirky Jewellery & Homeware

Today’s spotlight is on Innabox and Nicola Box, a designer maker from East London who works from her teeny tiny bedroom studio, usually with her cat by her side plus a cup of tea to hand. Nikky creates all things cute and quirky, from jewellery to homeware. She also love a good pun as you’ll see from her wonderful work! How did you start […]

7 Great Ways To Sell Your Products Online

In an increasing digital-age, having an online presence is essential. We’ve run many articles looking at the best way to promote yourself online and won’t be stopping them anytime soon. As your website and social media visitors grow you may start to think about selling online. This first article is a brief introduction and we’ll […]

10 Great Business Directories To List Your Company On

For local shops and services, online business directories are a great way way to seen. Whilst backlinks are no longer considered the main way to improve your website SEO, it’s still helps to take advantage of business listings to improve your online visibility. Before you dive in headfirst into this project do a little prep […]

Eweniverse – Puntastic Illustrations & Gifts With A Sheepish Edge

Gift Shop Hub had the pleasure of speaking to Craig Daly from Eweniverse who creates puntastic illustrations and gifts with a sheepish edge, based in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. How did you start out? I studied fine art at college in Cardiff  and always had a love of illustration and puns. Being a Welshman there is a definite connection […]

A Beginners Guide Guerrilla Marketing

This article was originally published in Greetings Today Magazine by Chris Fox from the greeting card and gift shop Wishes of Cudworth. If I said to you ‘Guerrilla Marketing’ what would instantly spring to mind? A monkey playing the drums to Phil Collins to advertise chocolate? Maybe someone running down the high street dressed as […]