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Dean Morris Cards – Rude, Cheeky & Funny Greeting Cards

Today we talk to Dean Morris Cards who sell humorous cards and gifts that are bright, colourful and often use great retro imagery.  Whilst not every card is outrageously rude, the cheeky ones are often at the risker end of the spectrum, which whilst not for every retailer has earned the company many fans (Plus The Sun […]

5 Spring Fair Gift & Home Show Survival Tips

It’s nearly time for the Spring Fair, the UK’S No.1 trade show for the gift, greeting card and home suppliers plus buyers. On the 5-9 FEBRUARY 2017 some 60,000 visitors will be rushing through the doors of Birmingham NEC to join the party (it is a celebration after all, of all things wonderful in the […]

Great Animal Inspired Gift & Furniture Ideas

We all love our local wild life and pets, each cute critter a unique and loveable character with their own distinct personality traits. From fluffy kittens to proud pouches, onto crazy frogs and even sticky stick insects (we ran out of descriptions at the end), they’re very much part of the family. Here at Gift Shop Hub […]

Gabriela Szulman – Printmaker & Mixed-media Artist

Today’s spotlight is on Gabriela Szulman who creates prints and collages, greeting cards, jewellery and scarves with images inspired by memory, nostalgia and a love of everything vintage. Describing her work as humorous and whimsical she also allows her romantic side to take over opening up into a fairy-tale world of old-fashioned script, pages of books and music scores populated by chivalrous gentlemen, glamorous ladies, butterflies and rabbits. […]

Mushroom Town – A Magical Kingdom – A Gift Shop Hub Spotlight

Today’s spotlight is on Mushroom Town – A Magical Kingdom Hidden Amongst The Ferns & Foxgloves Deep Within the Ancient Forest. Gift Shop Hub spoke to explorer artist Justin Lowe about his wonderful illustrations. Tell us a little about you or your company Mushroom Town is a rural business based in the East Riding of Yorkshire, […]

Is Twitter Really Useful When Promoting Your Small Business?

What can you really say with 140 characters? Is Twitter really useful when it comes to promoting your business? Will this article be just a series of questions without any answers? Well no, that’s the answer to question number three, the other two we’re going to attempt to get to the bottom of with as […]

Louise Schofield Artist

Louise Schofield is a Fine Artist inspired by nature based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. She specialises in animal art and landscapes, including pet portraiture in a variety of mediums, including, watercolour, graphite, acrylic and ink. Gift Shop Hub was lucky to speak with Louise who says “My aim is to create artwork that evokes happy memories that […]

Is Print Dead?

This article was originally published in Greetings Today Magazine by the retailer Wishes of Cudworth, therefore the intro won’t make a whole lot of sense if you’re reading this on and not in the magazine (we did consider editing the offending introduction but decided to leave it be, as we feel it gives some nice background detail to […]

Wang’s Wonderful World – A Stationery & Gift Emporium

Gift Shop Hub recently spoke to Charline Wang, the owner and founder of Wang’s Wonderful World: A stationery and gift emporium in the making. Hi Charline, tell us a little about your business… I initially started the company as a side hustle whilst advancing in my career after struggling to find stationery with a clean, modern look – […]

Would You Charge A 50p Entry For Your Shop?

How about this for a novel idea: A secondhand bookshop Bloomindales in North Yorkshire has decided to charge customers 50p for entry. Feed up with ‘customers’ browsing but not buying, the Basil Fawlty like shop keeper has resorted to drastic measures to scare off the time wasters or worst still those using his shop to […]